Bronycon 2014 and some thoughts on “Bronies”

Bronycon 2014

Bronycon 2014 was an absolute blast! Many people have preconceived judgment about a bunch of grown men who enjoy a show that was originally aimed at little girls, but it only takes a bit of time getting to know some of them, to see most are regular guys who try to uphold the great values the show teaches. We at Shottsy Arts have now had many opportunities to do different conventions outside of pony themed ones, but the communities that inhabit the Brony fandom are by far our favorite. Only at a Brony convention can you expect that when you are in trouble, and in need of assistance, that a swarm of Bronies will be there in an instant to help you out!

Thank you letter part 1
Thank you letter part 1. Click to enlarge.

This year, my partner/significant other, had to fly solo on the setup as I was sadly called, last minute, to go to my grandmother’s funeral. He was panicked, and late. Not only that, but he had so much to carry, as there were some slight hiccups at the Baltimore convention center, and he wasn’t allowed to pull our van inside like he was allowed to last year. Not wanting to be forced into paying for the union, like many others were, he attempted to slowly carry one box at a time from across the street. He did not have to struggle long, as he was quickly swarmed by a bunch of the wonderful Cincinnati, Ohio Brony group who he had met at previous conventions. They quickly went to work helping him with the load.

Thank you letter part 2If that were not enough, when yet another issue happened with the convention center at Breakdown, where we were almost locked out of getting the rest of our stuff packed up, and we had so much to carry and breakdown still. Many new Bronies came to our rescue, helping, lifting, even allowing us the use of one of the Guy’s van, and in the end we had a wonderful celebration dinner and made new lifelong friends. All these great people helped save OUR butts, and if that weren’t enough they all got together and wrote us a great big thank you letter that they all wrote something on. We were thankful for them for helping us carry and load all of our stuff, and they were just grateful that we were kind to them, and accepted their help. I hope at some point more people can be less judgmental in this world and revel in the unexpected if it is good.

Two of the Bronies who helped us were from Texas, so having such a long drive ahead of them, we insisted they stay at our place in Ohio for a night to make the trip back easier. The way the Brony community works together to support one another, and come to each other’s aid, really renews a small bit of faith in today’s society. The title of the show that is so beloved is “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. I have to say, Bronies are doing a great job of upholding that statement, both men and women alike. I met my Best Friend through the Pony convention circuit, and we have both had so many wonderful adventures together, and me and my boyfriend have made many new contacts and friends as well.

I can’t wait to see what next year holds in store for us! Brony on my friends!


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