Shottsy Arts

Shottsy arts was created as a small startup in Columbus, Ohio from the creative mind and art of Shana Schottenstein aka (Shottsy) and her long time partner and fiance’ Randall Johnson who helped her for three years to take her show on the road. Right now we are a small company with only the two of us our three cats, and our multitude of creative characters that help inspire us and others as we have traveled across the US peddling our wares, and inspiring others to reignite their own passion for art and writing.

It is our mission to not only express my own creative passion through functional and high quality items, but to ignite that joy and passion in others.

We offer hot off our “shirt forge” heat-pressed apparel and accessories with vibrant hand drawn art, as well as elegant  one of a kind works of art for those with finest of tastes. We at Shottsy Arts seek to give you “A spark of something different!” Our company consists of multi faceted works of art, and merchandise the likes of which you have never seen!  From one of a kind items such as hand crafted sculpture from wire, to vibrant and unique every day useful items such as t-shirts and messenger bags, Shottsy Arts has a lot to see and choose from! Shana is also currently working on an epic fantasy graphic novel, which will be available to read and purchase from our store in the near future!