Shana Schottenstein

Shana Hope Schottenstein

About The Artist

Shana Hope Schottenstein was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1985. Since she could pick up a pencil, Shana has been drawing creative worlds, characters, and funny images of the way she sees life. She has always been surrounded by an array of animals, and interesting people, that are frequently used as inspiration in her art. Shana uses her imagination and whimsical personality through her relatable characters, to show the world in a more humorous light. At the age of 12 her most used character, Waffles, “the fat-ass” was born. He and his entourage of characters have grown up over the years with Shana, and have developed into strong stand alone personalities.

Shana went on to study at the Columbus College of Art and Design with a major in animation. While at C.C.A.D. Shana had many rigorous foundation courses, and took many illustration classes to better hone her drawing skills, and technique. All of the extra classes, and desire to learn began to pay off, and Sophomore year she was a top 20 finalist in the Townsend drawing competition out of about 500 entries. She went on with her animation studies, and tackled some immediate challenges, such as experimenting with four legged character animation, to develop Waffles and the coinciding characters. Shana also took an extensive course all about character design, which really pushed her style and designs to the next level.

After she graduated, Shana went on to work in the art department of “Artbrands”, a t-shirt transfer company, creating fun and humorous designs for t-shirts. This is where she learned her skills for the fun unique transfer designs “Shottsy Arts” has to offer. After 2 years of doing this, and continuing to refine her story and characters on the side, Shana Schottenstein took Joe Murray’s master class. Using his help, and the skills she learned from many classes at C.C.A.D. she created a full storyboard for a pilot episode of the series she plans to pursue in the future. After being fortunate to take a few additional classes with Joe Murray, Joe encouraged Shana to try something new, inspiring her to explore a completely different story she had been knocking around in her mind. To her surprise, Joe and many of her friends were so passionate about the idea, Shana is putting her strong writing talent, aquired from her literary agent/ writer mother, and all of her illustration skills, to use as she currently works on putting the story into an epic graphic novel.