Color of Fire

“The Color of Fire”

“The Color of Fire” follows a young woman’s journey from a world without art, with the assistance of a fire-breathing human-hybrid, a cynical werewolf, and an ancient dragon from another realm, as they seek to restore balance and creativity to a dying world.

In the barren land of Jehjuna–a murky, brown world cast in a shadow of conformity–one girl still strives to create and to draw the beauty she sees in her mind. Eadelyn is a young woman who defies the king’s ban on creativity and art by following the electricity constantly flowing through her veins. Living on a desolate farm, Eady was well protected from the tyrannical rule of King Kristoff. She was spared the violence, but not the creative oppression. Eadelyn finds ways to draw in secret in the small, leather bound journal she keeps hidden in her skirts.

When her defiance and need to create art leads her to the discovery of a portal to another world long ago lost, she sets foot in the vibrant world of Ensorcellous. There, she meets Seraphim, a human-dragon hybrid, and a cast of other strange characters, setting in motion a prophecy where her true journey begins.

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