“The Color of Fire” begs the questions, what would the world be like without art, and where does creativity and inspiration come from? For centuries, art has played a crucial role in our history and civilization. Without art, we wouldn’t be where we are nor have the things we enjoy around us every day. Yet, most artists struggle and get little to no respect. From houses, to cars, to clothing, to TV and entertainment, artists have a hand in just about everything that people see. Why then, do many feel they are entitled to our years of study, slaving to improve one’s craft, and our very creativity for next to nothing? Do artists not also provide an invaluable service?

Most stories are made by artists and written for the rest of society. “The Color of Fire” is a story geared for adults and young adult artists; but, non artists will love the story and strong messages just the same. Children have the world at their fingers and, when they are young, they believe they can do and be anything. Somewhere down the line, those dreams fade, reality sets in, and people lose their connection to their creativity and their muses.

“The Color of Fire,” through an exciting fantastical adventure and relatable characters, hopefully encourages adults not to give up on their dreams, to keep struggling, and realize the importance of continuing to create and dream. Never lose that creative spark!