The Characters of “The Color of Fire” have been in development dating all the way back to 2006, when I first drew Seraphim, (Then named Dyllan), for a last minute homework assignment in my illustration class at the Columbus College of Art and Design. He garnered a lot of positive response from my peers and teacher; so I decided to further develop him, and the world he came from, when I later took an illustrative drawing, and story development, class the following year. I never quite figured out what I wanted to say with the initial story, so my unnamed concept with a few colorful characters, such as Grandpa Burnard, the crotchety old dragon; Seraphim, the mythical creature hodge-podge; and Riley, the drunken, self loathing, werewolf; were tabled while I worked on my other passions and projects.

It wasn’t until 2011 when I took a second master class with Joe Murray, (Creator of Rocko’s Modern Life, and Camp Lazlo), and he insisted I take a break from my Waffles concept to create something different for our second class, that I remembered this loose concept I had on the backburner. Along with his guidance, and wonderful mentorship, I was able to breathe new life into my characters; truly get to know them, and even meet new characters. If you would like to meet them as well, I encourage you to read the character descriptions!

Eadelyn (Eady for short): Heroine

Eadelyn is a young woman newly 18, from the desolate, barren land of Jehjuna. Still retaining what others call “the sight,” a gift long ago lost, Eadelyn strives to create and draw the beauty she sees in her mind, even if there isn’t much beauty left. This proves difficult in the oppressed world she resides in; but, Eadelyn can’t ignore the electricity constantly flowing through her veins, in spite of the king’s ban on all forms of creativity and expression. Eadelyn is caring, compassionate, driven, and quick witted. She follows her passions and senses, which leads her to discover that her art holds more strength and power than she realized.

Seraphim: Main Character

Seraphim is the sum of many majestic noble creatures; but, being as he is not fully any of them, Seraphim doesn’t look majestic nor feel noble. He is half dragon, one quarter human, and one quarter unicorn. Seraphim starts out as extremely insecure, constantly picked on, and wishing to blend in with the scenery- proving near impossible when sticking out like a sore thumb. He could easily be scary, and powerful; but, that just isn’t his nature. Being part unicorn, he tends to be sensitive and compassionate. He also can’t help but get choked up at something sappy and romantic, or get teary at a good drama story. When Seraphim turns 22, he becomes aware of strange abilities stemming from his heritage, and that a prophecy involving him and the very fate of the world has now been set in motion.

Riley: Main Character

Riley is a 23 year old werewolf with a death wish and is considered to be on the lowest tier of society in Ensorcellous. He smokes like a chimney, is rarely sober, and openly hates himself. Riley is also tactless, sarcastic, impulsive, and a self-serving womanizer. He is the self appointed best friend of Seraphim, but only because he usually gets free meals and a place to crash when drunk. Although Riley seems like a low life and borderline antagonist at times, he has some redeeming qualities and learns a lot about himself when he begrudgingly gets dragged along on the journey.

Grandpa Burnard: Main Character

Grandpa Burnard is a massive, ancient dragon who has seen many lifetimes. Powerful and wise, with a no-nonsense attitude, he serves as mentor and guide to Seraphim.

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Sadine: Secondary Character

Sadine is a young woman of 20 from Jehjunah, who is a sister figure and best friend to Eadelyn. Having been raised in Gorahnna’s hut together, Sadine and Eadelyn are very close. She envies Eadelyn’s gift of sight, but fears for her safety as well. Sadine is quiet and does her best to keep her head down and not cause trouble. She is a firm believer in obeying the rules; but, her love for Eadelyn sometimes has her getting mixed up in things she would otherwise not do.

Not Pictured

Gorahnna: Secondary Character

Gorahnna is an older woman from Jehuna who acts as a surrogate mother to Sadine and Eadelyn. She is strict and at times overly harsh; but, she would rather be disliked by her fostered daughters than risk them getting caught by King Kristoff, who is sure to be harsher. Gorahnna was once defiant and outspoken in her youth, but years of loss and a sea of never ending oppression has finally broken her spirit. She is overprotective of her charges and, in turn, becomes an oppressor herself, forbidding Eadelyn to express her creativity for fear of them all getting caught by Kristoff’s men.

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Anith: Secondary Character

Anith is a unicorn-human hybrid and Seraphim’s mother. She is extremely overbearing, smothering, and babying to Seraphim. Anith fears being alone, as well as a prophecy involving her son coming to pass. She believes she can shelter him from his destiny and keep him safe forever, but is sadly mistaken.

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King Kristoff: Main Antagonist

King Kirstoff–the ruler of Jehjuna–fears and hates magic and technology, yet claims to not believe in it. He has forbidden spreading any history or tales of the past, and doesn’t allow anyone to question him. He is cold, detached, and cruel. The realm in which he rules is a slave to his beliefs and prisoner of his fears. King Kristoff has banned creative thought and expression. Any time not spent building his kingdom and weapons is considered a waste of time. His strongest weapon is planting the seed of doubt in one’s mind. Being highly intelligent and well educated, he uses manipulation as a weapon to prove he is always right.

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Mirigor: Main Antagonist

Mirigor is a purebred dragon and a vicious bully that lives in the fantasy realm. He is the leader of a small trio of creatures who love to pick fights and cause trouble for other hybrid creatures. He looks down on any creature in the realm that is not of a pure lineage. He is arrogant, snide, sarcastic, and cruel. Mirigor especially enjoys bullying and harassing Seraphim as no one is completely certain what he is.

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Sarok: Antagonist

Sarok is a big, burly centaur. He has the personality of a rock and is one of Mirigor’s cronies. He adds to Mirigor’s chastising, but doesn’t really have a mind of his own.

Not Pictured

Tavin: Antagonist

Tavin, a merman, is smart, sarcastic and adds to the vicious ideas of Mirigor. He hangs out with Mirigor and Sarok, but on land he isn’t very mobile. He usually stays in a steam-powered wheelchair that has a basin of water instead of a seat. He enjoys poking fun at others and, for the most part, keeps up with his other two friends; however, he is sometimes hindered by his water wheelchair when they are bullying someone physically.

Lesandra: Antagonist

Lesandra is an ancient dragon from the beginning of time who is gifted with powers and charged, along with her brother, with overseeing balance and harmony in the world. When envy and corruption grow inside of her, Lesandra seeks to prove her superiority and influence over the human race and sparks a war, almost annihilating her own kind.

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