Cherry Treats


G1 1980s  “Cherry Treats”

  • Condition: Fair (Has some issues)
  • Hair is soft and uncut. She has been completely cleaned and conditioned.
  • Overall coloring has yellowed/browned (should be bright white)
  • Some Brown Spotting
  • Has some flaws
  • In spite of her flaws “Cherry Treats” is a very desirable pony, and displays nicely. She would be a great starter pony for your collection!


“Cherry Treats” is a vintage toy, and comes as is. We do our best to photograph every toy to the best of our ability, but we may miss things. We do not accept any returns, or exchanges. As we have many many items to photograph and list, we cannot honor requests for additional photos of every single item. We do our best to provide ample views and focus on any flaws the toy may have. Please be aware that these are old toys and are not always in the most perfect of conditions. Purchase at your own discretion.

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